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Longboard Made Awesome With Windows 8 Tablet & Kinect

Patrolling the show floor of CES can be a bit of a grind. You go from booth to booth in search of the next cool thing – but we were surprised when the next cool thing rolled by us.

From the creative minds at mobile applications developer Chaotic Moon comes this modified longboard that's kitted out with a Kinect, a Windows 8 preview build tablet, GoPro cameras, and more. This device doesn't just look mean, though, it will get you places too, with a top speed of 32 mph and a range of around 10 miles with a 200 lbs rider.

Check out a systems walkthrough courtesy of the engineer, Philip Wheat, behind the prototype:



And to see it in action on the streets of Austin, TX this is a man dubbed "whurley" riding it: