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Valentine's Day 2007 Buyer's Guide

Valentine's Day 2007 Buyer's Guide

Brace yourself! Here comes the biggest holiday of the year for at least half the human race (the better half, many of them would argue). In keeping with the "his and hers" nature of this venerable day, we've broken up our usual list of technology and gadget goodies along gender lines. We've got five items for guys, plus another five for gals, and one that's just so wonderful that it should work equally well for both.

Your enterprising editors here at TG tried to avoid the most obvious girl and guy clichés in selecting the items for this buyer's guide. We also hope you'll appreciate the input and guidance of Sarah Townsend - our editorial coordinator and something of a gadget freak in her own right - to complement the work of perennial contributor (and guy) Ed Tittel. If you think we overlooked anything really obvious or totally wonderful, be sure to share your observations with us by posting a comment to this guide. We're always glad to hear from our readers, especially when they help us find things we might not otherwise ever discover on our own.

In keeping with the holiday, you'll find some technology treasures that cry out for gifting simply because they're just really cool. You'll also find some whimsical items that may appeal to your partner's sense of play or fun, as well as to his or her need for more number crunching power or more storage. The best of these items provide a gee-whiz technology rush, at the same time as they deliver pleasing packages or innovative capabilities.

In this list, you'll find a couple of laptops with different degrees of capability: one for him and another for her. You'll also find a USB flash drive that offers considerably more flash than its memory chips alone can provide, as well as a truly interesting high-tech appliance with a distinctly girly flair. You'll also see a really compact 7.1 audio dongle, a huge honkin' eSATA external hard disk, and a slick tool to help you measure how much juice your favorite PC (or other appliance) is consuming. There's even a really snazzy wireless virtual picture frame, a killer (and very smart) stuffed animal, and a power strip that reaches out through multiple extensions to earn the nickname "The Octopus."

All in all, whether you're looking for gift suggestions to share with your significant other, or seeking ideas for gifting somebody yourself, we think you'll find at least one or two good items to ponder on this list. We also hope you'll get a chuckle or two as you dig into its contents, and that you'll find at least one splendid something herein that somebody (maybe you) simply can't live without.

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