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Trending: Google Sides With Apple on Security

Apple's polarizing security stance continues to be the talk of the tech world, and Google's CEO has taken sides. Also, learn about a new startup turning old PCs into Chromebooks, and check out the best video yet of the still-unnanounced Galaxy S7. Here's what's trending in tech.

Google CEO Sides With Apple on Security Debate

Apple's response to the FBI's request to create a backdoor to the iPhone has received both praise and criticism, and we now know exactly where Google stands on the issue. In a series of tweets, company CEO Sundar Pichai lauded Tim Cook's stance, echoing the Apple CEO's concern that allowing corporations to hack iPhones could seriously threaten customer privacy. However, there's now a separate question of whether tech companies should be working harder to prevent future tragedies, something that we investigated in a series of op-eds.

Startup Turns Crummy Old PCs Into Chromebooks

That aging laptop that's been gathering dust on your desk could end up being your next Chromebook. New York startup Neverware has built a new tool called CloudReady that allows you to install Chrome on your existing Windows or Mac computer, complete with a dual-boot option that keeps you from having to delete your existing stuff. Educators looking to convert their classroom laptops to Chrome will have to pay a licensing fee, but everyone else can try out the software for free.

Here’s Your First Full-On Look at The Galaxy S7

No more blurry leaked photos or sketchy design documents — thanks to Android Authority, we've got our best look yet at the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the flesh. This quick video offers a good glimpse of the phone's UI and overall design, both of which look like a slight refinement of the Galaxy S6. It's only a matter of days until we get to try the phone ourselves, so stay tuned for hands-on impressions.

Gmail Lets You Keep Your Old Email Address

Love the look and feel of Gmail but don't want to lose your Yahoo or Outlook email address? Google's got you covered. With Gmailify, you can simply link your existing email account to Gmail, allowing you to utilize the robust feature set of Google's mail service regardless of your original provider. The feature is currently available on Android and the web, with an iOS version rolling out soon.

You Can Play Your PS4 Online For Free This Weekend

To celebrate the launch of Street Fighter V, Sony is allowing all PS4 users to enjoy online multiplayer this weekend — no PlayStation Plus subscription required. The promotion begins Feb. 19 at midnight Pacific Time and ends Feb. 21 at 11:59 PM. If you find yourself hooked, you can snag PS Plus for $50 a year or $10 a month.