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Tower Mogul Is Not Bad For A Pocket PC Game


When Sim City hit the gaming scene more than 15 years ago, it easily defined the construction-based simulation genre as we know it today. There have been an unbelievable number of spin-offs, rip-offs, and knock-offs, most of which fly under the radar. However, PDAmill's latest title for the Pocket PC, Tower Mogul, is worth taking a look at.

A Mini Sim Tower

Tower Mogul is, as you can guess from its namesake, a simulation game closely tied to the original Sim Tower. Your objective is simple: to make the biggest, most powerful, most successful high-rise possible. To do this, you must attract "virts", the people in the game, to your tower, by constructing restaurants, office space, hotel rooms, and even condominiums. It goes a little deeper than that by requiring you to devote some space to service areas, like housekeeping for the hotel rooms, and security for the entire building. Also, you must have nothing but lobbies on the ground level of your tower. The mechanics don't go much deeper, although there are some building requirements, such as where you can place elevators and escalators. And some good constructing skill is required to get everything in the right place. For example, the housekeeping crew can only get to hotel rooms via elevator.