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Tony Hawk Ride Developer: White is Friendlier

Earlier this year, before E3 2009, we found out about a new game called Tony Hawk Ride. While the franchise is getting a little tired, what set Ride apart was a dedicated plastic skateboard peripheral that'll be used to control the player instead of using a traditional controller.

At the time, all the press materials, photos and even the prototype had the skateboard controller in black. The final skateboard, when it ships later this year, however, will be white. According to the developer, white is a friendlier color.

"The other thing is the board we've shown so far is like the Darth Vader of skateboards, it's not the finished peripheral," said Josh Tsui, director Robomodo, the company developing Tony Hawk Ride, in a GamesIndustry interview. "We're going with a white board which is more consumer friendly. It's much more iPod-like for want of a better term."

"With the white one people inadvertently step on it, but they don't do that with the black one," Tsui continued. "That's part of the industrial design of the board, to make sure people know it's a skateboard, but it also looks friendly. We want people to see it as a cool gadget as opposed to 'what is that black monolith on the floor'."

Just yesterday we learned that Nintendo has no plans to bring the sleek-looking black Wii to the U.S. despite the sentiment by some that it makes the console much more aesthetically attractive.