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Swype Update Has Dictation System, Handwriting Recognition

Swype recently received a major update, the first after being acquired by Nuance, the same company behind Dragon speech software.

Predictably, this update came packed with a lot of the features that Nuance previously in its Swype competitor FlexT9. These features include “next word prediction” (based off of your input habits), handwriting recognition, and a voice-to-text dictionary. If you don't feel like texting conventionally, you'll now have three different other ways to do so at your disposal.

Swype users, this might be a good time to update from the beta. Non-Swype users, there’s no better time than now to shirk the conventional peck-and-type approach of typing with your phone. You can get the latest update for Swype off of its website in the “Get Swype” section.

  • DarkenMoon97
    I thought they misspelled Skype at first, lol.
  • ibboard
    Given that the current Swype keyboard can't pick the right word some of the time anyway then I've not got much hope for the next word prediction. Am I really going to say "swype" more than "swipe"? And some of the obscure words it comes up with instead of a five-letter word are just bizarre!
  • becherovka
    I changed to Swiftkey due to its amazing predictability I still like swype but its prediction was lacking.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    No way in hell, I'm as fast with a default Samsung keyboard as on a desktop keyboard. Swype's approach is abysmal, IMO.
  • Kryan
    becherovkaI changed to Swiftkey due to its amazing predictability I still like swype but its prediction was lacking.
    THIS. +1 The two should merge!!!!! (I get a ringing in my ears from the "bzz" of the haptic vibrate after too much tapping) I wish I could swype...but the next word is correct only half of the time. With Swiftkey entire sentences are purely prediction selections.
  • alexmx
    Swype was nice for a while, then I met swiftkey and everything changed. The only nice thing I got left from swype was the dragon go! addon, it really beats google voice in dictation, well, at least in spanish which is my native language.
  • beardguy
    I don't like Swype. I tried to like it and to get used to it, but swiping your finger in all directions across your keyboard is just awkward. It might be a lot quicker when it is accurate, but when it gets the wrong word and you have to go back and delete it, it ends up taking longer than just normal texting.

    I think voice-to-text is better and works awesome ... but I feel like a tool talking to my phone when other people are around :)
  • kawininjazx
    I am unimpressed with Swype. It is glitchy as all hell. When I first installed it, it worked great, then it couldn't update the language packs, then it stopped predicting my words. This happened on two different phones.
  • teh_chem
    Weird to see so many people that dislike swype. I found that I can write with it so much faster than any of the other keyboard options. And word-prediction is off from time-to-time (specifically if you are trying to type a word not in the dictionary), but the correction back to the word you want isn't tough, and once you add it to the dictionary, you don't run into the problem much. Oddly enough, I found the pre-installed version of swype to be "better" than the beta version you manually install (after rooting+rom, for example). I don't know why that is...
  • eddieroolz
    Nothing beats that BlackBerry 10 keyboard, at least from first impression.