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Swype Update Has Dictation System, Handwriting Recognition

Swype recently received a major update, the first after being acquired by Nuance, the same company behind Dragon speech software.

Predictably, this update came packed with a lot of the features that Nuance previously in its Swype competitor FlexT9. These features include “next word prediction” (based off of your input habits), handwriting recognition, and a voice-to-text dictionary. If you don't feel like texting conventionally, you'll now have three different other ways to do so at your disposal.

Swype users, this might be a good time to update from the beta. Non-Swype users, there’s no better time than now to shirk the conventional peck-and-type approach of typing with your phone. You can get the latest update for Swype off of its website in the “Get Swype” section.