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Hands-On Review: Spotify Premium

Hands-on With the Desktop Client

But first let's take a look at the desktop client. As seen above, the main interface is rather lightweight and broken down into three components: the navigation panel located on the left, the center panel which provides information like new releases, top lists, Spotify news feeds and other info, and the Facebook panel planted on the right. This latter feature is available on all three accounts, and will list all of your Facebook friends who are also Spotify members.

The Facebook feature is probably be one of Spotify's biggest selling points, as users can subscribe to friends' playlists and even send each other tracks simply by dragging the song onto their listed name. Even more, songs and albums can be shared to those outside your Facebook/Spotify circle. Simply right-click on the media to share, choose Share To, and a window pops up offering means to send a link of the song/album to your Facebook wall, Twitter, Windows Messenger and other Spotify friends along with a short message.

The navigation panel itself is broken down into eight categories: What's New, Play Queue, Inbox, Devices, Library, Local Files, Starred and Windows Media Player. The What's New section expands into the center panel revealing a generalization of the latest editions to the Spotify catalog including albums, music tracks and news feeds. Users can get a detailed list by clicking on "Top Lists" which produces the Top 100 albums and tracks (seen above), the latter of which can be played from start to finish like a top 40 radio station. To get an even bigger selection, users can choose filters like "In the States" and "Everywhere" although the latter option will produce listings not available locally.