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Can Your App Store Beat Up Mine?

The New Mobile App Order

When Apple announced the launch of its App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch earlier this year, the mobile phone business changed forever.  Research In Motion (RIM) was forced to launch its own store, and Google’s Android devices will soon have a similar experience available for them. Because of these new stores, it is now time for us to evaluate each and figure out which has the most potential for long-term success. Sure, the iPhone App Store currently leads the pack in sales, but both of its competitors are in their infant stages, and let’s face it, anything can happen in the mobile phone industry.

In order to determine which App Store has the best chance for lasting success, I first evaluated the selection each store offers and accounted for upcoming apps that we know are on their way.  After that, I considered current sales (where information is available) and determined where the greatest opportunities for success really were. Finally, I took hardware into account and looked at the popularity of devices on the respective platforms to determine how hardware would play a factor in the success or failure of these app stores. Each has been graded based on those conditions.