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Can Your App Store Beat Up Mine?

The New Mobile App Order

When Apple announced the launch of its App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch earlier this year, the mobile phone business changed forever.  Research In Motion (RIM) was forced to launch its own store, and Google’s Android devices will soon have a similar experience available for them. Because of these new stores, it is now time for us to evaluate each and figure out which has the most potential for long-term success. Sure, the iPhone App Store currently leads the pack in sales, but both of its competitors are in their infant stages, and let’s face it, anything can happen in the mobile phone industry.

In order to determine which App Store has the best chance for lasting success, I first evaluated the selection each store offers and accounted for upcoming apps that we know are on their way.  After that, I considered current sales (where information is available) and determined where the greatest opportunities for success really were. Finally, I took hardware into account and looked at the popularity of devices on the respective platforms to determine how hardware would play a factor in the success or failure of these app stores. Each has been graded based on those conditions.

  • frozenlead
    I believe the most successful application store would be the Internet. It's been allowing you to download things for a good many years for your PC, your laptop, your phone, your PDA, your GPS, etc. These app stores are just proprietary and stealing people's money.
  • Claimintru
    How is it fair to rate an online app store suchas RIM's that is Developer driven, when the only App-capable handset has been out for a matter of weeks, vs how many Iphones have been in existence as well as Ipod Touches?

    Of course if a company developes an official app store after delivering millions of handsets, it will takeoff better than started an app store soon as you start handset sales.

    Not like I give a damn about RIM's though. Just saying
  • fantom889
    Interesting how you are quoting numbers from October. Since then, all have video/music players. Stores are now online that provide much improved applications for the G1. They are very promising. There in lies the secret to the G1. It allows for developers to compete. The G1 is basically a small linux pc in your hand. The Iphone and Rim products are Mac and Windows mini PC's, but locked. Their app stores perform better simply by controlling the app sources and charging for most of them. A built in monopoly, if you will. G1 is truly open. With some basic knowledge of Linux / Android, anyone can write a program. It is very much a phone for the I.T. professional/hacker/enthusiast. Telnet, wifi tracking, war driving, server access,email, port scannning and network trouble shooting are just the tip of the iceberg. The ability to add or exchange memory without buying a new phone is huge.The usb function of the G1 is understated. The Windows OS can be mounted by the G1 allowing the exchange of files. Great for back up, mp3files and the like. The G1 could be used to restore and fix a hard drive with a simple user app that allows line commands. The Iphone is a great product and very user friendly. The typical Iphone user doesn't understand half the features and isnt aware of the true potential of the Iphone. They just want it to do the things they need it for. Makes perfect sense. The real mystery is the lack of Flash player availability for all of these devices. Iphone and RIM won't allow it. G1 will. Adobe wants to. The browsers are crippled without it! The market is wide open for these products. They are changing the world.
  • el fiendo
    I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. As Claimintru pointed out, the Blackberry has only been on the market for a month. If you wanted to do a comparison, it should have been everyone's standings in their first month. To give such dismal scores as 1 and 2 for simply not being on the market as long as the others is wildly unprofessional. Also, when you mention "By that logic, some might say that Google and RIM are on the same level since they both offer just one device that’s capable of working with their respective stores", what other way is there to look at it? The G1 doesn't automatically get a leg up for any reason. Last I checked, 1 was equal to 1. The iPhone barely gets a leg up, but the iPod touch should be included as you correctly did. However, in defense of the G1 and the Storm, both are newcomers compared to how long Apple has been creating devices to work with their applications.
  • AppBeacon
    Maybe another question to ask is :

    "Can your app store knockoffs beat my app store knockoffs".

    Our knock off, like several others, aims to make it easier for people for find apps for their iPhone and iPod Touches. The ecosystems growing up around these new phones is amazing. Hopefully, all together we can serve the users better and help the developers of these apps make a good living.
  • iphone/itouch app store?
    it's is a mess. When it first come out, it's just a bunch of random apps in a few categories order by name and there is no option to sort by other way.
    yes, there is basic keyward search and top 25 free and paid apps...
    but that's about it. user review...just like amazon...nothing new here
    What's so good about the store? I don't get it.
    iphone/itouch apps store is successful all because of the good apps on it. The store front is a mess...and there are so many bad apps...
    it's getting longer and longer to scroll through all the junk everyday.
    They should sub category all the apps so we seach by app function keyword rather just by name.