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Samsung Galaxy Glass May Use Your Fingers for Keyboard

We've already seen patent filings for Samsung's heads-up display to rival Google's Glass, and now more details have surfaced showing how the Galaxy Glass could actually be better than Google's. A patent filed last year at the World Intellectual Property Organization and South Korea's Korean Intellectual Property Office shows Samsung is investigating alternative input methods, including using your fingers as a keyboard.

Based on the bizarre-looking diagrams submitted with the patents, Samsung's heads-up display may superimpose a QWERTY keyboard on your hand, assigning different letters to specific segments of your fingers. You would likely only be able to see the lettering on your palm through the lens of the display, and your gestures would be tracked by an on-board camera. We imagine you would use your thumbs to tap on the letters to compose your message, but that might not be the most intuitive setup, since it's difficult for your thumbs to reach your fingertips without your digits curling up.

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Another image shows a different layout when the user's palm is turned horizontally, with letters arranged in a fashion similar to traditional 9-button dialpads. Regardless of the format, SamMobile speculates that this system is unlikely to make it into the finished product, but these filings indicate Samsung is clearly investigating clever alternative input methods for its Glass competitor.

With Google's device, you have to either tap a touchpad mounted onto the frame of the glasses or use voice commands powered by Google Now to navigate the system or perform tasks, which can be imprecise or inconvenient. Other quirky input methods we've seen so far include using facial gestures, such as blinking or clicking your tongue, to control a computer worn on your ear.

There's no official word on when Samsung might launch its own Glass device, but rumors suggest that we can expect a launch in April or May under the Gear branding.

via SamMobile

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