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Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition Costs Some Serious Gold

You can now get your hands on the same version of Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge that Michael Phelps, Carli Lloyd and Justin Gatlin will be toting around the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Only instead of a lifetime of training to master your sport, all it will take for you to get your hands on the Olympic Games Limited Edition S7 Edge is an extra $100 on top of the regular S7 Edge's asking price.

The Olympic Games edition of the Galaxy S7 Edge comes out today (July 18). The phone will be available in very limited numbers — 2,016 devices to be exact —exclusively at Best Buy.

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It's the same phone Samsung is giving away to every Olympic athlete. However, for people not competing in the games, the phone will cost $850, a $100 premium over the standard S7 Edge. 

The Olympic Edition’s big draw is its custom color scheme which features a black onyx body with Olympic ring-colored accents on the earpiece and side buttons, as well as the trim around home button and rear camera. Inside, you also get a one-off Olympic-themed skin for Android, which extends the red, blue, yellow, green and black color palette to the phone's UI.

After getting a chance to check the phone out for myself, I can say that the Olympic Edition S7 Edge is definitely the most attractive version of the S7 Edge, but that $850 is still a tough price to swallow. The phone also comes with a stylish carrying case, and 100 lucky buyers will also get Samsung’s Icon X wireless earbuds as a bonus.

So if you’re really looking for that top to bottom Olympics experience, Samsung has a pretty cool looking phone for you. But for everyone else, the regular S7 Edge and an extra Benjamin in your pocket is still the one you want.