Patent Troll Sues Nearly the Entire Mobile Industry

Digitude, an IP licensing company based in Alexandria, Virginia, just sued RIM, LG, Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, and Amazon over the infringement of four of its patents:

Amazon got sued just over the following patent:

5,926,636: Remote Procedure Call Component Management Method for a Heterogeneous Computer Network

All others were sued additionally for alleged infringed of the patents below:

5,929,655: Dual-Purpose I/O Circuit in a Combined LINK/PHY Integrated Circuit
6,208,879: Mobile Information Terminal Equipment and Portable Electronic Apparatus
6,456,841: Mobile Communication Apparatus Notifying User of Reproduction Waiting Information Effectively

As it is the case so often, Digitude was not the inventor behind these patents, but took ownership just two weeks ago. Two of the patents were originally assigned to Adaptec, one to Mitsubishi and one to Apple. It appears that all four patents are part of a patent package Digitude announced to have acquired in June of this year. The company claims that it owns more than 550 patents, all of which are in the areas of PC and consumer mobile devices, computer peripherals and communications services.

Earlier this year, Digitude announced its intentions to monetize patents via an "innovative patent monetization model, where the company will acquire, aggregate, and license key technology areas in a patent consortium through strategic partnerships." The company hired several litigation lawyers "in anticipation of launching our licensing programs." It appears that RIM, LG, Sony, Samsung, Nokia Motorola, HTC, and Amazon are the first ones to 'experience' Digitude's innovative licensing program.

Wolfgang Gruener is Director, digital strategy and content experience at American Eagle, where he specializes in strategic data analysis, user behavior models and information architecture (IA), as well as content strategy and governance. He was also Managing Editor of the website TG Daily and contributor to sites including Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware.