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Wii Emulator Gives Peek at HD Wii Graphics

Want to see the Wii in high-def?

Do you adore the high-definition picture from your HDTV? It certainly looks glorious when paired with the right source. Sadly, the Wii isn’t one such source. With it being confined strictly in the land of standard definition, Wii owners with HDTVs just have to live with the blurry, undefined visuals.

What if, just for a moment, we could taste what the Wii would be in high-def? Thanks to emulation, we can.

YouTube user renebarahona has posted a number of videos on his channel offering captures of Wii games running in high-definition. Of course, even the highest quality of YouTube videos isn’t able to faithfully convey the increase in quality thanks to the bump in resolution.

Through the use of a powerful PC and the Dolphin emulation software, gamers can load their legally owned Wii and GameCube game data for play at increased resolutions. While textures and other art assets won’t change, the bump in resolution makes everything look of a higher quality.

System requirements to obtain results similar to his are steep, with at least a 3 GHz dual core processor and an 8xxx-series GeForce or 3xxxx-series Radeon.

Check out renebarahona’s YouTube for more, including directions on how to load the emulator yourself.