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New Google Glass Model Revealed

After announcing on Monday (Oct. 28) that a new version of Google Glass would be coming, Google has released images of the upcoming upgrade to the device today. Posted on the Google Plus page for Glass, the pics prominently show the new attachable earbud for improved audio over the current version’s novel use of bone conduction.

In the blog post that announced the new version of Glass, Google has also stated that “This hardware update will allow your Glass to work with future lines of shades and prescription frames.” Scrutinizing the pics, the difference in the frame is not easily discernible. A quick comparison with the old model does shows a new camera. Google hasn't indicated what features it brings, but upgrading from 720p to 1080p video capture would be a nice one.

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Current owners of Google Glass, labeled "Explorers" by the tech giant, will have the option to upgrade to the new version of the hardware later this year. The company is calling it a “one-time swap out,” so this upgrade is presumably free of charge for all of the early adopters who paid $1500 to own the prototype device.

As part of the announcement of the new hardware, Google will expand the pool of prototype users by giving current Explorers the option to invite up to 3 others to the program. That means up to 32,000 people sporting the digital specs. The details of the invitation process or if the redesigned Glass will feature a lower price have not been revealed, though Google has said current Glass owners would be receiving an email with additional details.

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