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Boys Hurt Themselves More Often Playing With Wii

Slightly less prone to Wii injury

Slightly less prone to Wii injury

We've heard of Wii-related injuries ever since the launch of the console in late 2006. Be it errant Wii Remotes that gets launched into someone's face, or an innocent bystander getting caught in the path of a fake tennis swing, the physicality of playing the Wii can lead to injuries. But did you know that boys playing with their Wii are more likely to be injured than girls?

Patrick O'Toole, Robert Miller and John Flynn did a study as part of their work for the division of Orthopedics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia found that boys accounted for 49 out of the 92 motion-control-related injuries.

Curiously, motion-control-based gaming isn't the leading cause of video game-related injuries – not by a long shot. The researchers looked at 696 injuries over the five-year period of the study, between 2004-2009, which means that 604 injuries were from non-motion-based gaming.

Of course, the Wii didn't launch until late 2006, which doesn't give the motion-based-gaming an even amount of time with the traditional gaming.

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics