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How to Make Skype Group Video Calls From Your Smartphone

Facetime is great, but you can only use it to talk to one person at a time from your iPhone. Thanks to a new feature, Skype allows users to make free group video calls on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. You can add as many as three additional faces. 

Here's how to make a Skype group video call from your smartphone. 

1. Open the Skype app and navigate to your contacts or an existing group text chat.

2. In your contacts list, choose multiple friends to add to a group conversation in Skype by tapping next to their pictures. Here, I've added my colleagues Mike Andronico and Kevin Ng.

3. Tap the video camera icon. You can do this when setting up a new chat or from an existing chat.

A video call will be made to your group. Mike and I joined from phones, while Kevin signed in from his laptop.

4. Tap the icon with a person and plus sign to add someone to your call.