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U.S. Military Bans YouTube, eBay, Amazon, ESPN

The U.S. Military has put blocks in place to prevent its users from accessing sites such as YouTube, eBay, Amazon, among others.

The block on such sites has nothing to do with content, however, as this was done for bandwidth control reasons. The U.S. Military decided to block the sites in order to free up bandwidth to better serve those using the network for Japanese recovery efforts.

A worker for the U.S. Army posted a commented on Gizmodo relaying the notice that he or she received about the blocks:

"CYBERCOM has blocked sites to alleviate bandwidth congestion to assist Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief efforts in the Pacific. NIPRNET access to the following sites is temporarily restricted:

The person noted that, aside from Amazon and ESPN, most of those sites are normally blocked by the firewall.

  • shanky887614
    proxy anyone?
  • cronik93
    Be more specific on were their blocking it?
  • utengineer
    Cronik93Be more specific on were their blocking it?Please consult Wikilinks for the answer to this question. :)
  • It's already been lifted. I'm on Amazon right now.
  • chumly
    But not facebook, which by the way, if you're in the military, is how you spend 90% of your day already.
  • decepticon
    Cronik93Be more specific on were their blocking it?
    Please consult a grammar lesson as well.
  • sandmanwn
    It's just temporary. blah blah blah
  • elcentral
    if you use facebook 90% it might not be a good moral booster to block
  • The Canadian Forces blocks Facebook
  • reggieray
    You should not be on those sites anyway if on duty. Buy your own computer and do it off duty.