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Apple iPad 2's Camera Supplier Is...

Whoops. It appears a manufacturer has confirmed that Apple's second-generation iPad (or iPad 2) will have at least one camera installed.

Prior reports have indicated that the new tablet will include two cameras-- a rear-facing camera and a front-facing camera-- to support Apple's FaceTime video chatting service. Until recently the camera/FaceTime aspect was mere rumor, however a recent document filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange has listed Taiwan-based Largan Precision as the exclusive supplier of the lens module (optics and CCD sensor) to be installed in the next iPad.

For now Largan Precision is remaining quiet, however the company in question is also the same supplier of the 5MP lens module used in the current iPhone 4 model. It's speculated that this VGA webcam module may be what Apple uses in the new tablet for the front-facing camera, whereas the primary iPad camera may use this 8MP module. Again, it's speculation at this point until Apple reveals the true hardware specs in January (because Largan won't).

In the case of video chatting, Apple is having to play catch-up in the tablet sector despite its overall dominance. Currently Samsung's Galaxy Tab features two cameras for video chatting using Android Market apps like Fring. Motorola, RIM, LG and other manufacturers will also soon provide tablets with video chat support, making the dual-camera setup a basic tablet feature from here on out.

Shipments of the second-generation iPad cameras are reportedly scheduled to begin in Q1 2011. Expect to hear more about this feature and more next month--if Steve Jobs sticks with the yearly release schedule.