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This iPhone Case Prints Polaroids Directly

Ever loved a camera phone picture so much you wish it could be printed on the spot? Thanks to designer Mac Funamizu, such an idea might not be completely unreasonable. This iPhone dock/case concept features an integrated photo printer and paper that works just like a Polaroid camera. Users simply have to snap a photo, or choose from one that's already saved and a mini-picture is printed.

This clever concept called the Sophie is also able to have AQ codes and geo tagged maps printed and linked to digital versions online through websites such as Flickr. Of course the mechanics of a printer would mean that this case isn't exactly going to be the slimmest out there as the printer will need an ink cartridge as well as paper. Either way, this piece of tech is definitely an interesting concept and could have plenty of practical applications such as coupon printing or making sure that special moment is captured on paper.