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GE Develops 60 Watt Replacement LED Bulb

According to the company, the light bulb will be submitted as an entry for the U.S. DoE's L Prize, which promises the winners to receive support and market their products. GE said the 60 watt incandescent bulb is the most widely used light bulb in America. GE believes that its LED bulb will "closely match the incandescent look and feel" of today's light bulbs.

GE stated that it has collaborated with Cree to deliver a lamp without remote phosphor, which appears yellow in an unlit state. Cree apparently designed a custom LED component that features its TrueWhite Technology, while GE lamp designers incorporated the component into an "advanced thermal, optical and electrical system to achieve L Prize performance." Cree is already selling its TruWhite products into various markets and claims it achieves "warm color characteristics" by mixing the light from yellow and red LEDs. The company says that its LED lights are designed to last for 50,000 hours as opposed to about 2000 hours for a regular incandescent bulb.

Cree's LED downlights currently sell from about $50 and consume about 525 kWh over its lifetime for an estimated cost of about $65. A comparable regular incandescent light bulb would consume more than 3250 kWh, according to Cree, and cost about $465 in electricity.