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Far Cry New Dawn: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay and More

The Far Cry franchise has seen its share of spin-offs and side stories. One thing it’s never had is a proper sequel. That’s about to change with the release of Far Cry New Dawn.

Announced during The Game Awards, New Dawn is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Far Cry 5’s Hope County. Despite the post-apocalyptic setting, this is easily the franchise’s most bright and vibrant entry. Far Cry New Dawn will deliver everything fans have come to expect from the series but with some new and interesting twists to the old formula.

What is Far Cry New Dawn?

Warning: this post contains spoilers for Far Cry 5.

One of Far Cry 5’s alternate endings culminates in a devastating nuclear war that wipes out most of humanity. Far Cry New Dawn takes place in 17 years after the nuclear holocaust. You play as a Hope County resident who is trying to survive in this harsh new world. While the fundamental gameplay is largely similar to previous installments, there is a greater emphasis on surviving off the land.

Players must not only contend with wild animals, but a group of human enemies called the Highwaymen. This is both a sequel and a stand-alone adventure. Those who didn’t play Far Cry 5 can jump into New Dawn fresh, while Far Cry 5 players will get to see what happened to some of their favorite characters.

When is Far Cry New Dawn's release date?

Far Cry New Dawn releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 15, 2019 in both digital and physical formats. It costs $40 for the standard edition and $50 for the digital deluxe edition. Those who pre-order either version will get the Unicorn Trike vehicle.

Far Cry: New Dawn
Far Cry: New Dawn

What’s in the deluxe edition?

Those who opt for the digital deluxe edition of Far Cry New Dawn will get a slew of additional sets of in-game items. This includes the Knight Pack, which comes with the SVD Claymore and Sidecar Motorbike. There’s also the Hurk Legacy Pack, which contains the Wrath M249, Legacy Offroader, and Hurkling Outfits. Finally, players also get the M133M Shotgun and RAT4 Rocket Launcher.

Who is the main villain?

In a series first, Far Cry New Dawn features two main villains: Mickey and Lou. The twin sisters seen on the game’s colorful box art are the ruthless leaders of the Highwaymen. We’ll learn how the twins came to lead the Highwaymen and get to see how different the two women lead the people under their command. The twins’ worldview is the polar opposite of the survivors of Hope County and the game will play up these differences through the narrative.

What is the gameplay like?

Gameplay-wise, Far Cry: New Dawn isn’t a radical departure from past installments. It is a first person shooter above all else. Though the vast majority of enemies are human, you’ll also have to go up against wild animals. If you’re familiar with Far Cry games or FPS games, you’ll feel right at home with New Dawn.

What’s new in New Dawn?

Scavenging is a big component of New Dawn. You’ll need to search the land for supplies in order to upgrade weapons and improve the survivors’ homebase. Doing this gives you access to stronger guns, vehicles, and gear. Given the nature of the world around you, everything has a makeshift look and feel to it. The Saw Launcher seen in the game’s reveal trailer is one of the items players can build with parts scavenged in the ruins of Hope County. It’s not clear how in-depth building or crafting goes, but it should give players a degree of customization not usually seen in Far Cry.

Another new feature is Expeditions. These missions let players venture outside of Hope County to take on Highwaymen in different locations throughout America. Structurally, they’re similar to the outposts from other Far Cry titles. Completing an Expedition rewards players with supplies they can use to upgrade their Survivor base.

Players can team up with a friend in order to complete Expeditions. Doing this gives users a tactical advantage since they can coordinate with one another. If they don’t have a friend available, players can have new Guns and Fangs for Hire to help with Expeditions. The former consists of AI-controlled human allies, while the latter are animals.

Those who want more challenging encounters can satiate their appetite via outposts. Like previous Far Cry games, you can take over enemy outposts. Typically, an outpost is yours forever after taking it over. Now, you can actually abandon any conquered outpost and allow the Highwaymen to retake and fortity it. These outposts will be even harder to topple than before. This means you’ll want to bring a friend along to help. Not only are the outposts more difficult, but they reward players with better items. With up to three levels of added difficulty, outposts will add a great deal of replayability to the game.

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