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This Disney Princess Will Teach Your Kids to Code

In the animated Disney movie, "Beauty & the Beast," Belle was known for her love of books and intelligence and in the upcoming live-action version, she'll be an inventor in her own right. So I'd like to think that this brainy princess would be a fan of her latest toy, Hasbro's Dance Code Belle. Available for $120 starting in Fall 2017, this doll is all dressed up and ready to dance, but only if you know how to code.

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Designed for Disney fans ages 6 and up, Dance Code Belle is wearing the iconic golden gown she wore in the movie for her dance with Beast. Paired with its corresponding free app (available for Android and iOS) via Bluetooth, your child can program Belle to dance while learning to code.

The app offers two programming methods. The first is designed for younger kids and allows them trace a pattern on your tablet or smartphone. From there, they simply drag and drop the dance moves they'd like Belle to perform onto the pattern. The second method is a little more advanced. Instead of creating a pattern, you simply drag and drop the commands into the desired sequence

But Belle is more than just a dancing machine. In addition to taking a twirl around the dance floor, the doll speaks over 100 phrases and can sing 7 songs from the movie and tell stories. But no matter how they play with it. It's sure to bring a bit of magic (and tech) into your child's world this holiday season.