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16 Camera Apps, Tested

Simply HDR

Simply HDR for $0.99 is an easy way to make pseudo-HDR images. You can choose to start out by selecting a style from one of five categories: High Dynamic Range, Black and White, Contrasted HDR, Contrasted Light, and Shadows and Light. Each category has a number of presets you can apply to the image. I found that the preset sliders didn’t change the image all that much, which was a bit of a bummer.


Usability: 5. Easy interface!

Filters: 4. The HDR stuff is cool, but there weren’t enough ways to tweak the photos with the slider bars.

Fun Features/Extras: 2. No too many, besides the “roll the dice” random HDR feature.  

Ease of Sharing: 4. Connects easily to Facebook, Twitter and others.