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16 Camera Apps, Tested


GifBoom (free, on Android and iOS) isn’t your everyday camera app, but it is pretty cool when it works. Take a couple photos (up to 20) and create an animated GIF from them instantly. In my still life with lemons scene, it’s not so interesting to have 9 photos stitched together in rapid succession, but for a baby or animal or sports move, it would but cool. You can control the continuous shooting speed, and add filters. GifBoom has its own social network, which is quite popular with teens (from what I could tell).


Usability: 3. It was a bit confusing at first to figure out how fast the photos were shooting.

Filters: 4. Not a deep amount of filters, but that’s not the point.

Fun Features/Extras: 5. Making GIFs is fun.

Ease of Sharing: 4. Connects easily to Facebook, Twitter and their own social network.