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Building The Ultimate Home Theater PC

Memory, Hard Drive And Burner

Various SD-DDR modules from Infineon, TwinMOS and Take-MS were available for memory.

Two 512 MB modules should be enough

A Serial ATA hard drive from Hitachi with 160 GB should be enough to start with. This is sufficient for recording several hours of TV. The Hiper case is good for any 3.5" drive, even one with an IDE interface. Arranging it would get considerably more expensive if one were to install a 2.5" notebook hard drive. It's a different story with the optical drive. Because of the small dimensions, we have to fall back on a slimline drive for the burner. This structure height is found mainly in notebooks and particularly in PlayStation 2.

A 160 GB hard drive from Hitachi should be enough to start with

Slimline DVD drive with burning capabilities