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'I'm Outta Here' - Man To Auction His Life On EBay

Perth (Australia) - Are you sick of your life? I mean really really sick of it? Well, starting on June 22 you’ll be able to bid on another life - that of Ian Usher in Perth Australia. Usher is auctioning his entire life, possessions, job and even his friends to the highest bidder on eBay. He hopes to raise $500,000 to fund a new life which he says will include quite a bit of traveling (for $500K it better).

44-year-old Usher has set up a website,, to detail everything you get in the auction. On the front page he assures buyers, "No, I’m not contemplating suicide, I am going to sell my life!"

Ok, so what exactly do you get? First off there is a 3-bedroom/2-bathroom house in Perth that’s been appraised at approximately $400,000. The house is fully furnished and you get everything inside. "All that is in the house, absolutely everything, is included in the auction," says Usher.

You also get an assortment of vehicles like a 1989 Mazda 979, 1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R motorcycle, a Kawasaki jet-ski and a bicycle. You also get an assortment of skydiving and surfing gear along with a spa and home entertainment system.

But perhaps the wackiest ’items’ to be auctioned are Usher’s job as a rug store assistant at a local mom and pop store and his assortment of friends. The job starts off as a two-week trial period and then extends into a full-time gig. Unfortunately, Usher isn’t publishing a picture of his friends so you might be in for a shock if you actually win this auction.

So far the website has received a fair amount of traffic and more than 2600 people have left comments in the guestbook - most have been fairly positive and congratulate Usher on the auction. And it certainly seems like Usher is serious about the whole thing.

"I have had enough of my life! I don’t want it any more! You can have it if you like!," he says.

The eBay auction begins on June 22 and will last one week. Usher says there will be a modest reserve price. But there’s two things you don’t get, Usher plans on keeping his wallet and passport.

We’ll check up next week and see how well the auction did.