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Google's Next Router Lets You Boost Speeds with a Wave

Look for Google's OnHub router, and you'll soon be seeing double. The tech giant says that it's coming out with another version of its cone-shaped home networking device, this time produced by Asus.

The $220 Asus OnHub will become available for pre-order starting this week, and joins the original $200 TP-Link OnHub introduced in August.

Asus's version of the OnHub keeps the same basic design as the original model, though it's a little wider at the bottom where the LED ring that serves as its indicator light now appears.

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Asus also is introducing a new feature to OnHub called Wave Control. You'll be able to wave a hand over the top of the router to boost Wi-Fi speeds for a particular device — say if you're streaming a movie to a tablet or doing some online gaming on a laptop. Google's blog post announcing the Asus OnHub doesn't dive into the details on how you'll be able to specify which device gets priority with Wave Control, but we're looking forward to testing the feature once we get our hands on the new router.

Both OnHubs from Asus and TP-Link will be getting another performance boost in the form of a software update that's set to roll out this week. The software update introduces a new smart antenna algorithm which will let the OnHub select the best combination of its 13 antennas to deliver Wi-Fi to the various devices in your home based on their location and orientation. Look for that update to automatically download to an OnHub when your home network is relatively idle.