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WhatsApp Shoots Down Reports of Google Acquisition

Earlier this week, rumors did the rounds that Google was eying up WhatsApp as a potential target for acquisition. Google was allegedly hoping to buy the messaging service but rumor had it WhatsApp was playing hardball. The price being bandied around was one billion dollars.

Neither Google nor WhatsApp commented on the rumors when they first surfaced, however, WhatsApp has since spoken to AllThingsD and denied the existence of any acquisition talks with Google. Neeraj Arora, head of business development for WhatsApp, told AllThingsD that it is not holding sales talks with Google. Arora didn't comment any further, so all we know is that there are no acquisition talks with Google. Whether or not there are talks with companies other than Google remains to be seen.

WhatsApp Inc's cross platform messaging app is available on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone and competes with the likes of Viber, LIVE, and Skype as well as iMessage and BlackBerry's own BBM. Last October, the company revealed its users were sending a whopping 10 billion messages per day. WhatsApp allows users to send text, photos, videos, and audio.

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