Rumor: Full Office Suite Coming to iPad, Android Tablets

Rumor has it that Microsoft indeed plans to release the next full version of Office (15) on the iPad and Android tablets. Given that Microsoft will offer Office apps pre-installed on ARM-based Windows RT tablets anyway, this move makes perfect sense.

The news arrives by way of a "reliable source" who told BGR that Microsoft is targeting November for both launches. The source claims to have seen the software running on Apple's iPad "first-hand" and that it's almost identical to the previous leak seen a few months back.

There's also indication that Microsoft's Office suite will eventually land on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The source said the loading screen in the Office app clearly said "Office for iOS" instead of identifying the Apple tablet specifically.

News of Office for iOS originally appeared back in November 2011, claiming that Microsoft was actively working on adapting the suite for iOS. Reports also stated that Microsoft planned to release an updated version of Office for Mac on Apple's digital distribution Mac App Store.

Then in February, Office for iOS appeared again in an exclusive hands-on by The Daily. The prototype featured an interface similar to the OneNote app, but with hints of Metro. Word, Excel and PowerPoint files could be created and edited both locally and online.

Microsoft eventually spoke up regarding the prototype and said the accompanying image was fake. The report itself was based on "inaccurate rumors and speculation," the company said.

Currently Microsoft offers OneNote, Bing, SkyDrive, My Xbox Live, and the game Kinectimals for the iOS platform. OneNote, Bing, Kinect Star Wars, Halo Waypoint, Lync 2010 and Hotmail are available on Android.

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  • molo9000
    Do they do this to keep antitrust agencies quiet or do they actually think this is good business?

    Let's hope they don't cripple the non-Windows variants of MS Office, like they did in the past.
  • scannall
    Not surprising. Microsoft being a software company and all. I'm sure they will do well with both Android and iOS.
  • Parsian
    I love how Micro$oft practice capitalism. They are always after capturing the market no matter where it is. That is impressive.