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Reminder: President Obama Speaks on Google+ Today

As previously reported, this afternoon at 5:30pm EST, President Obama will host his very own Google+ Hangout, answering five select questions that were submitted to him via YouTube. These questions were chosen based on viewer ratings.

The session itself won't be open for everyone to participate one-on-one with the president. Instead, only five fellow American questioners have been invited to participate directly with the Commander in Chief personally. Still, attending viewers can comment on his answers in real time although there's a good chance offending remarks may be filtered out of the stream.

The Google+ Hangout event will take place in just a few short hours here on The White House's Google+ page. The latest entry shows a picture of staff members preparing for the event in the Roosevelt Room of the West Wing. This will be president Obama's first "completely virtual interview from the White House."

"The Google+ Hangout with President Obama culminates a full week of online engagement with the White House," the White House stated last week just before president Obama's State of the Union Address. "It also marks the first in a series of White House Hangouts that will cover a range of topics and issues."

YouTube parent company Google claims that the White House had no role in the choice of questions that will be addressed this afternoon. Instead, Google's team chose questions from among the most top-rated of those submitted. The team also made sure that there was a balance between several different issue categories. Questions will be provided to the President in the form of videos, live video and text.

Will President Obama bring Google+ to its knees. We'll find out shortly!

UPDATE: Viewers will see the Google+ Hangouts interview via a YouTube live stream.