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Town in Massachusetts Holding Drive to Reward Children for Returning Violent Entertainment

The headline sounds like a familiar story... and it is.

Not too long ago, we reported that a town in Connecticut, not too far from Newtown, was holding a drive to collect and destroy violent videogames. Families that turned in games would receive $25 gift cards as rewards. Soon after, SouthingtonSOS, the committee holding the drive, announced that they were cancelling the program because their goal of bringing the message for parents to open up a dialogue with their children about videogames had been completed… and because logistically, the rewards program would be a nightmare to fulfill.

Now, according to The Boston Globe, Melrose, a town in Massachusetts, may be planning a similar program that Mayor Robert Dolan hopes to have running by Feb. 1. This program, called New Year –New Direction, calls for residents to get rid of violent media in exchange for coupons to local business and "get out of homework free" coupons to motivate kids.

"I'm not saying people shouldn’t have [violent games and toys], but, at least in my house, things have changed since Connecticut," said Dolan.

This isn't the only part of Massachusetts that has acted out against violent media, as the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has recently decided to remove all violent videogames from rest stops at the Massachusetts Turnpike.


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