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Town in Massachusetts Holding Drive to Reward Children for Returning Violent Entertainment

The headline sounds like a familiar story... and it is.

Not too long ago, we reported that a town in Connecticut, not too far from Newtown, was holding a drive to collect and destroy violent videogames. Families that turned in games would receive $25 gift cards as rewards. Soon after, SouthingtonSOS, the committee holding the drive, announced that they were cancelling the program because their goal of bringing the message for parents to open up a dialogue with their children about videogames had been completed… and because logistically, the rewards program would be a nightmare to fulfill.

Now, according to The Boston Globe, Melrose, a town in Massachusetts, may be planning a similar program that Mayor Robert Dolan hopes to have running by Feb. 1. This program, called New Year –New Direction, calls for residents to get rid of violent media in exchange for coupons to local business and "get out of homework free" coupons to motivate kids.

"I'm not saying people shouldn’t have [violent games and toys], but, at least in my house, things have changed since Connecticut," said Dolan.

This isn't the only part of Massachusetts that has acted out against violent media, as the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has recently decided to remove all violent videogames from rest stops at the Massachusetts Turnpike.


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  • . . . wow. Only mildly less idiotic than the last attempt.
  • jaber2
    Just another excuse to not take responsibility for not paying attention to your kids. why not have the parent turn in all their assault weapons?
  • COLGeek
    Who to blame here, parents or games? Which will get the larger "gift" upon turning them in?
  • ajvkorn
    Really, Jaber2? I don't want a ban on weapons or "violent" video games, but they are not even the same. Apples and oranges, my friend. Apples and oranges.
  • alvine
    but shooting people in games never gets old
  • officeguy
    It's the bad music, it's the violent video game and it's violent movies. All of that is bad. Really??? Why don't you take a step back and look at the whole picture. What about bad parenting, single parent families, your kids hanging around the wrong people, or just plain mental issue. Does that even enter the minds of people anymore?
  • dameon51
    I don't think this is a bad thing. I play violent games, they are fun. But as a society we seem to be saturating ourselves with violent entertainment. We can't grow as individuals or as a society if we keep using violence as a crutch for entertainment. Anything in moderation, but maybe we've taken things too far. The good thing about a drive like this is its voluntary. Nothing's being forced on anyone, but it does help people open their eyes a bit, including myself.
  • We are primal creatures who no longer have the need the be hunters and gatherers anymore. Those things are merely for fun now. So the majority of society has this instinct that sits inside them that has to be used. Video games is an outlet for that. You take that away the primal instinct is just going to build up to a mass explosion of dead people.
  • susyque747
    Foaming at the mouth Liberals are so funny with their touchy feely crap that does nothing but make them feel better for being the socialists/fascists they they are.
  • internetlad
    haha this reminds me of the youtube video "Counter Strike for Kids" where they reskin it so you plant a birthday cake for the counter terrorists to enjoy, then have a "waterfight" with everybody dressed as clowns.

    I do agree that 8 year olds probably shouldn't be playing shoot em' ups, but then again there's a lot of stuff that 8 year olds shouldn't be doing/know about that they do.