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Google Instant Tutorial: Search, Evolved!

YouTube Instant, Anyone?

Google Instant has already sparked an imitator…but the details are not what you would expect. YouTube Instant popped up several days after Google Instant went live, but neither site has anything to do with the new service. YouTube Instant was actually created by Stanford University student Feross Aboukhadijeh

So how does Youtube Instant work? "I built YouTube Instant using a combination of the YouTube API and scraping YouTube search suggestions," said Feross through a post on his website. "I initially ran into some issues when Google automatically blocked my server for making too many repeated requests to the search suggestions endpoint. However, it took me 5 minutes to rewrite the site to query YouTube directly for search suggestions, eliminating the round-trip to my server. Now, all the magic happens in each visitor’s browser, so it’s faster than ever."

The service certainly needs some tweaking, but since Feross was offered a job by YouTube via Twitter, we think he’ll have plenty of time to perfect this great new video portal.