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Google Rolls Out New Gmail to All Users

Google has shown quite a bit of its planned revamp for Gmail, but today it is official. Up until now, users could take the new design for a test drive, enabling certain themes in their account settings. Google today announced that a new 'Switch to the new look' button is now available to all users. The search giant also posted a video detailing some of the new features with Gmail's redesign, which some people may have seen when it was accidentally posted last month. If you didn't catch it before it was pulled, you can check it out below:

The new Gmail includes streamlined conversations (with profile pictures for contacts); elastic density, which means the spacing between elements on the screen will automatically change based on the kind of display you’re using; new HD themes; improved navigation, including the ability to resize the chat and label areas to your liking; and improved search.

The unveiling of the Gmail redesign comes shortly after Google launched a redesign for Google Reader, which now offers G+ integration. Though changing to the new Gmail is optional for now, we imagine there will come a time when everyone will be switched over with no option of going back. Google has mentioned when (or even if) this might happen, but that tends to be the status quo for redesigns.

You should see a button to switch to the new design on the bottom right of Gmail. Let us know what you think!

  • xx_pemdas_xx
    looks good
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    Hahahahaha had this for months!

    got to love developer status, where you get all the perks early!

    Don't like the new interface though, too empty, too little contrast.
  • Filiprino
    Yep, even with the compact view enabled it's still very empty.
  • soo-nah-mee
    I'm so used to tablets and smartphones for email I almost forgot there was a browser interface for Gmail!
  • mrsphex
    I started using it this morning through my school Gmail account. Using the 13" MacBook from school, It looks really good on Compact, but Cozy and Comfortable just seem very awkward on such a low resolution. I like the new look on compact though, it is just a bit empty like others have been saying.
  • AbdullahG
    My school uses Gmail to send us HW and notices (or at least is powered by Google). Apparently no new interface for us.
  • zoemayne
    i like it font is nice and bigger on my 22" havent tried it on my 15" yet.
  • Typo Alert: "Google has mentioned when (or even if) this might happen, but that tends to be the status quo for redesigns."

    Should read has not mentioned.
  • shoelessinsight
    I generally like it, but the translucent background it uses can make emails really hard to read with themes enabled. I'll happily switch over to the new look once they fix that issue. Until then, I'll keep using the old look.
  • modbus
    Gmail did a Facebook