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Gingerbread Caught on Video... For Now

On November 23rd Google Hong Kong uploaded a YouTube video featuring a walkthrough of the new Google Voice Search in Cantonese. However after viewers began to notice that the featured phone was sporting the unreleased Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread), Google's video walkthrough was quickly yanked offline.

Based on the footage, the change isn't entirely drastic. The icons on the shortcut bar now feature a greenish hue while the menu bar planted at the top (still) is now black, donning new buttons. Google Market has also expanded to accommodate a third tab that lets users find related apps on the Market. Unfortunately Gingerbread's appearance is only brief in the video, taking a back seat to the Google Voice Search demonstration.

Although it appears that Google has kept its word in making the Market more discoverable, what really needs to take place is a better way to categorize the apps themselves. Google also needs to pay more attention to app submittals, filtering out disguised malware and developers charging for unlicensed IPs like Duke Nukem 3D ($2.99). "They definitely cannot be charging for it," George Broussard told us back in June.

Nevertheless, Gingerbread is expected to roll out sometime this month. To catch an early glimpse, check out another copy of the video below until it too gets yanked offline.