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iHealth Health Pressure Monitoring System

Dock your iPhone, check your blood pressure. Dock your iPhone, check your blood pressure.

You can get your blood pressure taken at your annual checkup or down at the pharmacy, but that’s once a year (or whenever you remember). A snapshot like that tells you about your blood pressure on one specific day, but if you want to keep an eye on your blood pressure you need to do it a lot more often – and in an environment where you feel more comfortable than the doctor’s office. You’re twice as likely to have your blood pressure under control if you’re measuring it regularly yourself.

There are plenty of blood pressure cuffs you can connect to a PC via USB but the iHealth system is the first one that’s also an iPod dock (Withings has recently introduced an iPod connected pressure cuff but that connects via a cable to the iPhone).

A friendly interface – and a history that helps you understand your blood pressure.A friendly interface – and a history that helps you understand your blood pressure.

The advantage isn’t just that you get an iPhone or iPad app that shows your blood pressure in beautiful graphs, complete with explanations (and warnings if you’re showing worrying symptoms like hypotension). Having the cuff connect to a dock means you can make a routine where you sit down at your desk, dock your phone and check your pressure every day. Once you’re doing that, you can track what affects your blood pressure – a cup of coffee, a stressful phone call, opening a bill – and if it’s causing you problems you know what you need to change rather than having vague notions about relaxing more and avoiding caffeine without having any evidence they’re part of the problem.

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  • pdesai2019
    I owned fitbit and I loved it. Unfortunately, it kept getting loose from my belt and eventually lost it. Company is aware of this problem but they still haven't come up with new version.