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IE Team Sends Mozilla Celebratory Cake

Yesterday a giant cake, far more showy and complicated than last year’s was delivered by a member of the IE team named Sean.

As is pointed out by a former Microsoft employee who now works at Mozilla on his blog, this year’s cake is a lot less brown than the cake that was sent for Firefox 2 and probably tastes better too. The IE logo is also a lot bigger, and by a lot bigger, we mean it’s looks as though it’s actually another cake sitting on top of the actual cake.

What we find a little odd is that the Mozilla team kept the slice with the logo from the Firefox 2 cake in the freezer all this time and was able to pull it out for a comparison.

It looks as though this is exactly what it says on the tin, a congratulatory cake from the IE team in hopes to start a tradition. However, there is always the nay sayers who think the people at IE are just mucking around. Either way, cake is cake, right?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we’ve finally managed to download Firefox 3 for ourselves after all of yesterday’s trouble and we’re pretty pleased to note that it all seems to be running quite smoothly.

In Pursuit of Mysteries: IE Sends Mozilla A New Cake For Firefox 3

  • wjobs55
    How SWEET of them!
  • jhansonxi
    I wouldn't trust it.
  • limpangel
    they'd better check it for cyanide :))
  • velocityg4
    Next week "Entire Firefox team mysteriously dies from the Bloody Flux and Miasma"