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Cops Play Wii Bowling While on Drug Bust

Nearly three years after the launch of the Wii, still the game that most common people – especially non-gamers – know about the Nintendo console is bowling in Wii Sports. It's a simple and intuitive game, and undercover cops seem to really like it too.

During a drug raid near Lakeland, FL undercover investigators searching the home suspected of illegal activity found themselves distracted by something other than methamphetamine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and weapons. They found a Wii.

A security camera connected to a computer inside the home was active and captured a Polk County sheriff's detective putting down her work to play Wii Bowling. After she hit two strikes in a row, she celebrated with her arms above her head and she jumped and kicked.

The Wii Bowling playing time among the investigators lasted a little over an hour. The entire raid of the property lasted nine hours and cost taxpayers more than $4,000.

"I'm not pleased that they played that Wii bowling game," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said to Tampa Bay Online.

"That is not appropriate conduct at a search warrant," he said. "But I am less pleased with the supervision that didn't walk in and say, turn that off. That's what supervision should have done."

There is now talk of the entire investigation being invalidated due to the conduct of the investigators, but authorities don't believe it will have an effect on the legal findings.

"That absolutely is not true; that doesn't invalidate the search at all," Judd said. "Now the defendant would like for it to invalidate the search, but unfortunately for him, it won't."

"Obviously, this is not the kind of behavior we condone," Lakeland Police Chief Roger Boatner added. "There was a lot of down time, but that does not excuse the fact that we should act as the consummate professionals."

Check out the video footage here.