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We're Made Up of A Lot of Empty Space

This link leads to a very large image of a proton. While that may not sound as interesting as new screenshots of Crysis 2, the author challenges viewers to set the desktop resolution to 72 pixels per inch. Why? So you can actually see where the electron resides. At scale, the web page actually stretches out, and separates the proton from the electronic by 11 miles.

"The page is scaled so that the smallest thing on it, the electron, is one pixel," the author writes. "That makes the proton, this big ball right next to us, a thousand pixels across, and the distance between them is... yep, fifty million pixels (not a hundred million, because we're only showing the radius of the atom. ie: from the middle to the edge)."

The author said that the concept originally came about after trying to imagine an electron orbiting a proton. "A hydrogen atom is only about a ten millionth of a millimeter in diameter, but the proton in the middle is a hundred thousand times smaller, and the electron whizzing around the outside is a thousand times smaller than THAT," the author said.