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Amazon Planning on Delivering Your Groceries Too

Amazon’s fast delivery certainly makes gift shopping and impromptu late-night shopping sprees extremely easy. Now it looks like the etailer is trying to do the same for grocery shopping. 

Perhaps you already order your aftershave and deodorant off Amazon. Well, soon you could be able to order up your milk and eggs and get them delivered right to your door, too. Amazon has been operating AmazonFresh in Seattle since 2007. The service -- which offers produce, fish, milk, eggs, cheese and all kinds of other consumables you generally wouldn’t expect to arrive in a delivery from the same company you bulk-order Kleenex from -- is now being complimented by another service called AmazonTote, which offers a weekly delivery of other household items such as cosmetics and babycare items. A report in today’s Financial Times says Amazon is hoping to roll out the services in across the country.

According to FT, Amazon has started recruiting staff in preparation for a national push. Offering free delivery regardless of the price of your order, the service is designed to “support its drive to increase online sales of low-priced goods, such as health and beauty, babycare and groceries.”

No word on when we can expect an official announcement from Amazon, so we’ll have to continue leaving the house to acquire our fruit and veg for a little while longer. That or, you know, order online from another company that delivers groceries, like Food411 or FreshDirect.

(via Gizmodo)