Amazon Exploring NFC Payments System

NFC has been a bit of a rumor-mill buzzword as of late. It seems like each of the major players in the smartphone OS market is working on an NFC solution. Gradually, reports of Google, Apple and Microsoft’s plans to incorporate NFC technology into their respective OSes hit the web last month. However, makers of cell phone OSes aren’t the only ones interested in NFC, and when you look beyond that market, it’s obvious who else would be.

Internet retail giant Amazon is said to be considering getting in on the mobile payments craze (a craze that technically hasn’t even started yet) with the introduction of a service that would let shoppers pay for purchases at stores using their mobile phones. Citing two people with knowledge of the project, Bloomberg reports that the Amazon Payments unit is currently exploring the possibility of a mobile payments service using Near Field Communication Technology.

While rumors regarding Apple, Google and Microsoft’s individual plans revealed certain details about how each of the companies plan to make money from mobile payments -- Apple is said to be starting a loyalty program, and Google will sell targeted advertisements and discounts to merchants -- Amazon is said to be looking into a few different marketing-services. One of the possibilities is the ability to find additional stock on Amazon if, for example, the store you’re in does not have your own size in stock. This would be done by tapping your phone against an item’s NFC tag to locate it on Amazon.

Read more about Amazon’s NFC plans on Bloomberg.

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  • aevm
    I can see it. Here I am, waiting in line at the grocery store after a long day at work, and the guy in front of me is rebooting his mobile phone, then downloading new drivers, then he has to watch a few ads before he is allowed to start the paying procedure. And he just won't go away already.
  • Marco925
    Say No To NFC!
  • milktea
    What's the difference between PayPass and NFC? Anyone?