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Zuckerberg Compares Weeding Out Hate Speech to Dust in Chickens

Have you ever thought about dusty chickens before? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has.

Credit: Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock

(Image credit: Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock)

In an interview with Wired posted yesterday (Mar. 21), the social network co-founder was asked about the prospect of the government regulation coming in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica user information scandal. When talking about how businesses handle guidelines and possible government regulations, Zuckerberg compared what Facebook does to an unexpected industry:

"So my understanding with food safety is there’s a certain amount of dust that can get into the chicken as it’s going through the processing, and it’s not a large amount — it needs to be a very small amount —and I think there’s some understanding that you’re not going to be able to fully solve every single issue if you’re trying to feed hundreds of millions of people — or, in our case, build a community of 2 billion people — but that it should be a very high standard, and people should expect that we’re going to do a good job getting the hate speech out."

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Zuckerberg followed this statement by talking about the different means with which countries legislate against hate speech, noting "I think when you start getting into micromanagement, of 'Oh, you need to have this specific queue or this,' which I think what you were saying is the German model — you have to handle hate speech in this way — in some ways that’s actually backfired."

When asked about possibly testifying before Congress, Zuckerberg talked about how Facebook isn't new to those hallowed halls, having testified there before. He ended that segment of the conversation with a slight offer: "So as long as it’s a substantive testimony where what folks are trying to get is as much content as possible, I’m not sure when I’ll be the right person. But I would be happy to if I were."

In an interview on CNN last night, Zuckerberg promised action on the topic of companies mishandling user information, saying "We're going to make sure there aren't any other Cambridge Analyticas out there."

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  • no1kilo
    Interesting the Zuckerberg chose to interview with the one major fake news outlet to get his fake news out there.