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Xfinity Home Makes It Easy to Track Kids, Save Energy

At CES 2017, we saw a number of compelling smart home gadgets, which included everything from security cameras to robots to connected garbage cans. All of these devices promised to work well on their own, but consumers looking for a simple and extensible way to upgrade their homes should find a lot to like in Comcast Xfinity Home.

Available to anyone in Comcast's cable coverage area for a base price of $29.99 a month, Xfinity Home starts as an Internet-connected security system with motion, door and window sensors. But it allows you to add a variety of home automation devices that share the same interface and support. Rather than having to use separate software for Nest thermostats or Kwikset connected locks, customers can control these through the Xfinity app. 

"Our system is a bit different. It's a connected security system," Xfinity Home SVP Dan Herscovici told FamilyTech TV's Amy Oztan. "That means that it's broadband connected, it's connected over cellular in case your broadband goes down and that connection unlocks a bunch of interactivity that otherwise wouldn't be available. It creates an emotional connection, it creates visibility that you otherwise wouldn't have had."

During the show, Comcast announced a new partnership with Zen Ecosystems, which will let customers integrate the company's energy-saving thermostat into their Xfinity Home systems. Zen Thermostat uses real-time weather data to help set the temperature in your home. 

Last month, the company announced two other device partners: Jasco, which makes smart switches, and Sengled, which sells connected LED lightbulbs. However, Hersovici said that checking up on one's family is Xfinity Home's most compelling use case.

"The most common use case for teens and tweens is seeing when they get home from school," he said.