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These Two Huge MoviePass Changes Will Make You Want to Cancel

MoviePass was always a bargain that couldn’t last. The movie subscription service charged $9.95 a month for one movie ticket a day at most theaters across the country. It had some limitations, such as a check-in distance requirement and lack of advanced ticketing options, but those were small quibbles for such a great deal.

But MoviePass has changed a lot in recent months, and the service just announced two huge changes that make paying for it a harder sell.

Within the next 30 days, the monthly subscription price will go up to $14.95. New releases opening at more than 1,000 theaters won’t be available to see as part of the monthly subscription for two weeks. And even then, you might be Peak Priced. Many MoviePass subscribers have complained about the service’s version of Uber’s surging, which adds a $2-$6 fee for seeing popular movies at peak times. Some have reported being Peak Priced for matinees in empty theaters.

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The changes come after three separate MoviePass outages on July 26, 28 and 30. One outage was due to a lack of funds — MoviePass ran out of money to pay for its subscribers tickets.

MoviePass was a great deal, but an unsustainable one. Many of the service’s 3 million subscribers have canceled due to the issues, according to social media reports. I canceled MoviePass after the last outage. I wasn’t using the service often enough, and when I did try to take advantage of it, movies were often sold out or Peak Pricing was in effect.

Competing services, including Sinemia and AMC’s Stubs A-List, charge more per month to see fewer movies but seem to have a business model figured out so you won’t have to navigate constant changes.

It was a good run, but MoviePass couldn't last. The service may live on, but the magic is gone.

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