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Motorola's Foldable Phone Coming This Summer, and It Won't Be Like Galaxy Fold

If you're waiting for Motorola to join other phone makers jumping at the chance to come out with a foldable smartphone, it doesn't sound like you'll be waiting very long.

Credit: Yanko Design

(Image credit: Yanko Design)

The scoop comes from an Engadget interview in which Motorola confirms that it's got a foldable device in the works and the you'll be seeing it sooner rather than later.

"We started to work on foldables a long time ago," Motorola vice president of global product Dan Dery told Engadget. "And we have been doing a lot of iteration."

In a separate report, CNET says Lenovo plans to sell its foldable smartphone in the summer, "according to a person familiar with the company's plans." The person said the design would be unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, which are phones that unfold into tablets.

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Motorola's foldable plans have been the subject of increasing speculation ever since January. That was when the Wall Street Journal first reported Motorola was going to revive its iconic Razr phone as a foldable model, potentially with a price tag of $1,500.

That seemed like a staggering figure at the time. But with Samsung subsequently announcing the $1,980 Galaxy Fold and Huawei listing a €2,299 ($2,600) price for the Mate X, that $1,500 price tag sounds like a relative bargain.

Motorola's Dery didn't confirm any specifics about the Journal's January report in this more recent interview, though his comments seem to suggest that rumor-mongers are on the right track when they're talking about a clamshell-style design. Many of the foldable phones we've seen thus far have had displays on the outside. The problem with that, Dery told Engadget, is that you're screen is more likely to suffer nicks and damage.

Instead, Dery says one of the options Motorola has been considering is a device that folds open to reveal the display. In the interview, Dery also says Motorola has looked at dual hinges, where the screen folds in a couple different places.

We don't when in the summer Motorola plans to unveil its foldable phone, but we'll keep you posted on all the latest rumors from now until launch.