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This Fitness Tracker Monitors Something No Other Wearable Can

Fitness trackers can count your steps, monitor your heart rate, automatically identify the physical activities that you're doing, but there's one tracker that can see what many athletes and gym-goers aren't doing enough of: drinking water.

The LVL hydration monitor uses a red light aimed at the skin, which travels deeper the into the body than the green lights you'd find on a fitness band that monitors heart rate, according to BSX Athletics, the company that makes the device.

Photo Credit: BSX Athletics

(Image credit: Photo Credit: BSX Athletics)

Based on your activities and the estimated rate that you're sweating, the LVL companion app can tell you exactly how much you'll need to drink to stay hydrated and as a result get better sleep.

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While BSX is promoting the LVL band as a hydration monitor, the LVL also tracks activity, sleep, mood and heart rate, so you probably won't have to wear more than one fitness tracker. 

The company is raising funds on Kickstarter, and while the early bird deal to get a band for $99 has sold out, backers who pledge $119 can still get one.

BSX hopes that app developers will integrate the LVL tracker into their own apps, too. The company is selling a $499 developer package, which includes prototypes of the tracker as well as a version of the device that will be available to the public when it's released in July 2017.