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Apple's iOS 11 Won't Support These iPhones

Apple just unveiled iOS 11 and its slew of exciting new features. But the company left out important details on which devices will no longer be supported.

Apple's Phil Schiller unveils the new look App Store for iOS 11. (Credit: Apple)

(Image credit: Apple's Phil Schiller unveils the new look App Store for iOS 11. (Credit: Apple))

On its website, Apple has updated which iPhones and iPads will support the new operating system. And this year, the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and fourth-generation iPad, have all fallen off the supported devices list. All three devices are currently supported in iOS 10. Apple's move was earlier reported on by BGR.

The iPhone 5 isn't all that old, originally hitting store shelves in 2012. The iPhone 5c was released in 2013 and was only discontinued in 2015. The fourth-generation iPad released in 2012.

While those devices are not available on store shelves, there might still be some users -- especially those living internationally -- that might still be using them. The fourth-generation iPad, for instance, wasn't discontinued in the Philippines until February 2016. The iPhone 5c remained in stores in India until February 2016.

Although users won't be able to use iOS 11 on these older iPhones, the devices will still be able to run iOS 10, and won't be rendered useless.

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But those folks will be missing out on some important new iOS 11 features, including an improved Control Panel and a more finely curated App Store. The new operating system will also support Apple Pay in iMessages, indoor mapping in Maps and improved Siri support.

Apple's iPads will get some additional features in iOS 11, including support for a Files app that can house files and folders for the operating system. The mobile operating system will also support a wider Dock for the iPad, allowing users to store more apps at the bottom of the screen.

Apple's latest mobile operating system is available now to developers and will launch to the public as a free update in the fall.