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HP Promises Faster, Higher Quality 3D Printers Coming in June

HP is looking to shake up the 3D printing game later this spring with a big announcement that company CEO Meg Whitman said will address the biggest challenges facing the technology. As it stands, she argues that the 3D printing process is too slow and the quality of its printed materials too poor to make the category completely viable.

But according to a report from PCWorld, Whitman recently told investors that HP is going to change all that. "We believe we have solved both problems and we'll be making a big technology announcement in June around how we are going to approach this," she said.

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HP will initially focus its efforts on the commercial 3D printing market, and later expand to the consumer sector. That doesn't necessarily mean your local electronics store will begin stocking 3D printers next to ink jets, but it does indicate that HP is taking the 3D printer market seriously.

Up until this point, HP has remained relatively mum on its 3D printing plans. The company, which is one of the biggest names in printing, has previously been criticized for lagging behind in the 3D printer market. In fact, Martin Fink, CTO and director of HP Labs, posted a Q&A last month addressing the company's plans to enter the 3D printing market.

So what could HP have up its sleeve? We'll have to wait until June to find out.

via: PCWorld

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  • dextermat
    They always promise that but for the last few years, I've been piling up the inexpensive hp junk from costumers that had HP printer for about 1-2 years and just stop working for no reason.Also the ink is way too expensive, especially with the models that needs 6-7 separate ink cartridges. HP is in the line of bad printer along with lexmark dell. But then again inkjet printer are just a scam these days. Get a good brother or samsung laser printers, they are way better machines and less expensive if you don't need color printing.
  • icemunk
    I'm sure they'll find some way use a special DRM-type resin for their printers that will end up costing a fortune.
  • TwoSpoons100
    I'm sure they'll find some way use a special DRM-type resin for their printers that will end up costing a fortune.
    Stratasys already do this and charge 10x as much for the material.