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This Crazy Speaker Combines Alexa and Google Assistant

Trying to decide between an Amazon Echo or Google Home? A new speaker combines both Alexa and Google Assistant and puts a touch screen on top.

Sporting two 5-watt speakers and a 7-inch touch screen interface, the Clarity speaker lets you stream music and video content and use any Android app available from the Google Play store, including those that you might use to control smart home devices.

Credit: Clarity

(Image credit: Clarity)

Now seeking backers on Indiegogo, early birds can get one for $149, compared to its expected retail price of $199. The speaker is expected to ship to consumers in July.

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While the company that makes the speaker, Pan Ocean (HK) Technology, describes the device as portable, its rounded back may make it less convenient to slip into a backpack or purse than you average tablet. It might be better as a mini entertainment system that you can move from room to room.

You can Google Assistant with just your voice, but since it's equipped with only a near-field microphone, the speaker may not register "Ok, Google" from across the room. And for now, you'll need to press a button to get to Alexa.

Its 7-inch touch screen falls in between the size of smart phone and a tablet, so the video viewing experience might not be enough for those who prefer to watch on larger screens. Expect 2.5 hours of video playback from the built-in battery or 6 hours of music streaming.