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BMW Connected Assists You On and Off The Road

SAN FRANCISCO -- At Build 2016, BMW's Thom Brenner joined Microsoft's Scott Guthrie on stage to explain how cloud services will bring cars into the future. Brenner broke down how BMW Connected will use Microsoft's Azure cloud to allow for cars that can communicate with their owners via dashboards and smartphones.

In a proof-of-concept video, a driver received notifications from a clock in his smart home showing routes and appointments. The car told the driver how to best get to his destination, avoid a rock in the road and fit a an appointment on a calendar during a phone call.

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Brenner suggested that BMW Connected will learn from users to figure out where and when they drive routinely so that they can be aware of traffic, weather hazards and other obstacles that may prevent them from getting to their destinations on time. Additionally, apps will be able to work remotely from your phone to lock your car.

BMW owners can download the first version of BMW Connected on iOS today. Brenner said that users should expect frequent updates to the app and cars that support the service.

Andrew E. Freedman

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