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Asus Pen Stick: Windows 10 in Thumb-Sized Mini PC

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Looking for a computer that you can take with you everywhere? Asus' new mini PC, called the Pen Stick for now, is just larger than a thumb. Unveiled at Computex today (June 3), the Pen Stick is an Intel Cherry Trail-powered Windows 10 computer that should cost below $150 when it arrives at the end of the year.

The Pen Stick was kept away under a glass box and not hooked up to any display or peripherals at Asus' booth, so I couldn't make any observations about its performance. What I did see looked like an oversized Chromecast -- packing an HDMI connector on one end, two USB 3 ports on the top edge and a microUSB jack and an SD card slot along the bottom.

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The Pen Stick will come with an onboard 32GB SSD, and support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, amongst other connections.

While mini PC sticks have been around for awhile, the Asus Pen Stick is the first to be announced that features both a Cherry Trail chipset and Windows 10. Two color options, black and white, were on display today, though Asus hasn't said if there will be other versions. We'll have to give the Asus Pen Stick a full review to see how it holds up to other mini PCs, so stay tuned.

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