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This Anti-Snore Armband Could Save Your Marriage

Anyone kept awake by a snoring partner may soon be able to rest easy if a newly-designed wearable device makes it to production.

Called simply the Anti-Snore Wearable, the device was designed to encourage one of the most basic ways to improve air flow through the nasal passages: sleeping on your side.

Credit: Michiel Allessie

(Image credit: Michiel Allessie)

Paired with the Do I Snore app for smartphones running on Android 4.3 and above or iOS 7 and above, the system will "hear" when you're snoring and send a vibration alert to an armband to encourage the person who's snoring to sleep on his or her side.

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While we're skeptical, the device's designer, Dutch entrepreneur Michiel Allessie, says the band won't wake users up, and will only vibrate when a wearer is in a light sleep phase to encourage side sleeping. The app also tracks snoring patterns throughout the night.

Alessie and his team of scientists are raising funds on Kickstarter to develop and market the device, which the group hopes will ship to backers in the second quarter of 2017.

With a $77 price tag, consumers may be reluctant to give up the cheaper nose inserts, mouth guards or extra pillows that can help reduce or eliminate snoring, but over time, the cost of this wearable might just be worth it.